The Nessa Dress

Described by fashionista Natalie Trevonne, and visualized by Ignis Studios Inc., promotional media and product development by Digital Storytellers Inc. Natalie is a blind designer who is using her acute sense of texture to describe stunning visual works. The Decentraland wearable available exclusively at the Threedium Headquarters and highlighted by Xander Simms and Cathy Hackl will be for sale starting March 24th. Half of all Decentraland proceeds will be allocated for the rebuilding of the Hospitals in Mariupol Ukraine with partner exotic electric vehicle manufacturer Automobili Estrema lead by Gianfranco Pizzuto.

Alongside the Decentraland wearable will be the Intellectual Property and Manufacturing rights for The Nessa Dress being auctioned on Opensea. Contract developed by Yates and Speroni Law Group (The Web3 Attorneys) Wynton Yates, Esq. and Peter Jay Speroni Esq. This contract is the first of it’s kind in the web3 world as it gives clear ownership rights for a Fashion Brand to purchase a complete design from a disabled designer.

The Nessa Dress team: Natalie Trevonne(lead designer), Xander Simms(product manager, media) Ernest Spicer(project manager, 3d artist) Oksana Vol(Clo3d artist), Candy Vergara(3d artist) Wynton Yates, Esq.(IP Attorney), Peter Jay Speroni, Esq.(IP Attorney)