The Collaborative ArtHaus of the Shared Metaverse

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Owners of all collections get exclusive NFT drop info on several projects. Once you buy an Ignis NFT you get the login credentials in the unlockable content. Current Highlighted Collection:


Bridging the Physical x Digital Gap

Instead of focusing our works on a purely digital format, we work to bring physical products in tandem with all of our digital products. Whether it be graffiti inspired shoes and apparel, or Comic Book collectibles available only in select physical locations at specific times; our collaborations are to give true long term value to the collector that purchases our works and the causes they support.

Art With A Cause

Instead of creating a value solely for the creators within the IgnisVerse, all of our collaborative works have a purpose of supporting one of several causes. We want art that comes from the Ignis ArtHaus to inspire inclusion and diversity, not promote exclusion and Fear of Missing Out.

Upcoming Projects

Goruden Retoriba by Glenn Lee, a collection of your favorite golden retrievers in 500 random generations with 3 levels of rarity. Each NFT contains a personalized inspirational story from author and consultant Glenn Lee. Art by Luke Barosky x Ignis.

Luke Barosky, executive art director of Ignis Studios will be releasing a limited edition PFP collection with animations in January(details in members section)

Natalie Trevonne, fashionista will drop the wedding dress of the shared metaverse end of January(details in members section)

Mythical Games Blankos Block Party drop(details in members section)