Luke Barosky

Ignis Executive Art Director and acclaimed graffiti and apparel artist Luke Barosky is our leader in artistic design. His work speaks for itself and the apparel to come out of Ignis in 2022 will make heads turn.

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Ernest Spicer

Chief Executive Officer and technology advisor, Ernest has been working in graphic design for two decades, 3d design for 5 years, and a technologist on the cutting edge of web3 for 5 years. With a specialty in scene design using drone photogrammetry and computer vision, bringing new and innovative technology in artistic innovation has been his focus for several years.

Newton Lilavois

Newton Lilavois is a pioneer in Independent Comics. He has self published several works including “Crescent City Monsters” and is working with Ignis to bring a whole new wave of superfan content to his readers and future readers.